Become A Social Media Manager: $6,000/Month

What is the salary of social media managers? That varies, though.

Although it’s probably not the response you were hoping for, that is the reality. Numerous factors, including years of experience and geographic location, influence salary ranges.

Fortunately, a wealth of resources have gathered information taking these factors into mind. It’s likely that this article will provide you with the average social media pay for your particular circumstance.

We’ve gathered information from online sources to give you all the details you require on typical pay for social media managers. Make reasonable expectations and bargain for the salary you are due by using this knowledge.

What is the typical pay for a social media manager?

From being questioned as a viable professional path, social media management is now a full-fledged team effort. Businesses are fighting for talent as a result of these new circumstances, which makes the market excellent for anybody looking to work in social media.

Let’s examine the effects of this adjustment on base pay for social media managers across the board. The expected income ranges by regional market, industry, experience, education level, and gender are listed below.

What is the US salary for social media managers?

Salary changes for social media managers in the United States are expected, depending on the region in which they operate.

The typical basic pay for social media marketers in the US as of September 2022 is roughly $70,000, with potential for additional compensation of up to $6,000.

A screen grab from’s average income calculator. In the US, the average base pay for social media managers was $71,177 at the time the snapshot was captured. 
Source: Integrated

When you examine particular US cities, this number varies as follows:

$76,908 in New York City, NY
$71,380 in Los Angeles, CA.
IL’s Chicago: $66,974
South Florida: $80,750
$65,978 in Denver, CO
In the coming years, more than 40 million American workers anticipate working remotely, per a recent Upwork survey. If you include yourself in the category of social media managers, you should expect to make an average salary of $71,000.

What is the salary of social media managers in Europe?
The #1 difficulty facing European social media teams today, according to data from the Sprout Social IndexTM UK and Ireland edition, is finding social media talent.

a ranking of the main difficulties faced by Irish and British social media teams. Hiring skilled personnel comes first. 
The expanding influence of social media in Europe has made employment more competitive in the area. According to Glassdoor, these are the average wages that social media marketers can expect to earn in various European countries:

Great Britain: £33,426
Germany: 47,152 euros
Portugal: €37,377
Portugal: €32,163
What is the average salary of social media managers across various industries?
It appears that certain industries perform better than others in the social domain.

It can be because of chances for content creation or audience involvement. In any event, the income potential of a social media manager is frequently correlated with their social performance.

After dividing up their income data for social media managers by industry, Zippia discovered that workers in:

An average salary in technology is expected to be $76,786.
An average salary in manufacturing is expected to be $71,841.
The average pay for finance is expected to be $68,394.
The average income for retail is expected to be $68,247.
Based on experience, how much do social media managers make?
We can now examine long-term career trajectories for social media managers because social media has been around for a while. This implies updated information about the earnings that marketers should anticipate as they advance in experience.

In order to examine trends in pay, social media consultant and Link In Bio newsletter writer Rachel Karten polled one thousand social marketers. Her investigation revealed that:

The average compensation for social media workers with one to three years of experience is $56,605.
The average compensation for social media specialists with three to five years of experience is $64,320.
The average compensation for social media managers with five to seven years of experience is $78,129.
What is the gender-specific salary of social media managers?
In the field of marketing, where full-time employees make up the majority of the workforce, the average wage discrepancy between genders is a staggering 12.6%.

There are differences like these in the social realm as well. In his Social Media Compensation Survey, Karten examined average pay by gender and discovered:

The average wage for men is $78,989
The average wage for women is $71,223
The average wage for non-binary people is $63,536.
What is the salary of independent social media managers?
Independent social media managers and consultants have the authority to manage their workload and, consequently, their earnings. Setting appropriate fees is the first step in maintaining that income flow.

The median hourly salary for social media managers is between $14 and $35, according to data from Upwork.

Project types and business sizes affect project-based fees. For instance, account management services often cost small firms between $400 and $2,000. However, larger businesses may pay between $2,500 and $10,000 for the same services.

The three trends influencing social media managers’ expected salaries
To put it mildly, the US labour market is perplexing right now.

In spite of this, prospective and existing social media managers ought to have hope. Social media managers are a “need-to-have” in a world where social trends influence everything from consumer purchasing patterns to company reputation. They are essential to business.

Let’s look at three patterns that influence social media managers’ wage expectations in order to gain a better understanding of the other factors influencing the data mentioned above.

Pre-pandemic levels of salary expectations are being attained.
Many job searchers reduced their expectations for pay at the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, preferring stability over uncertainty. A recent Glassdoor analysis indicates that those expectations are once again rising.

The first-quarter 2022 salary expectations of job seekers increased by 43% above the previous quarter’s expectations. Job applicants today anticipate earning $9,253, or 34%, more than they do now.

There is still effort to be done to close the gap because that figure was closer to $7,000 prior to the outbreak. If the sharp increase in growth is a sign of anything, it’s that people in the technology and business sectors might be recovering from their losses more quickly than anticipated.

The professions in social media are getting increasingly specialised.
To maintain a strategic presence across several social networks, how many staff are needed?

Quite a few in the social environment of today.

a screen grab of a LinkedIn post from Manscaped’s social media manager, Kevin Graham. He outlines the various duties involved in social media management in his piece.

The past few years have seen a steady increase in the use of social media by consumers. As more individuals use social media to interact with and learn about businesses, new opportunities are opening up on the platform. Additionally, this means that social media teams have more work to do.

Any job board can be searched quickly to find a number of fresh titles that are related to social media management. These new responsibilities, which may include account administration, data and analytics, content creation, or customer service, each require a unique combination of social media skills.

Social media managers can now pursue new career paths and greater remuneration thanks to the expansion of departmental scope, which has also helped them get executive-level titles.

SMMs are raising awareness of unreasonable expectations.
To a social media manager, arguing that social media has changed over the past few years is like to declaring that water is wet. However, others that operate outside of social media might not have the same comprehension.

A number of job advertising that ask for a single individual to complete the workload of an entire team are the result of this disparity. What a social media manager can achieve on their own is out of date, and it gets worse when their pay is also out of date.

Several seasoned social media managers have expressed their dissatisfaction with these unmet expectations on #MarketingTwitter. We examined Tweets posted on the subject between January 1, 2022, and August 17, 2022, using Sprout Social’s Advanced Listening tool, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the discourse as a whole.

We discovered that 2,183 writers have sparked almost 430,000 interactions since the beginning of 2022 by bringing attention to the disparities between social media managers’ expected salaries and their actual labour. This tweet from @ChiThukral effectively encapsulates the discussion:

Experts at increasing awareness for brands and issues are social media managers. Salary averages will rise as long as they rely on these abilities to support the advancement of their careers and pay.

Earn the pay you are due as a social media manager.
It’s crucial to be prepared while having wage talks. To guarantee an equitable negotiating process, it is advisable to collect market-specific wage statistics prior to initiating the discussion. You must be aware of your value.

Check out this guide to social media careers to find out more about your growth path in the crazy world of social media. We can help you locate your ideal job by providing insider information on seven distinct career pathways.

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