Become A Twitch Streamer: $3,000/Month

Those who like the social aspects of gaming will feel at home on Twitch. Many of the best players in the world stream their gameplay live for their followers on The most popular broadcasters on Twitch are able to sustain themselves financially by streaming themselves playing video games and providing commentary on their performance.

It may come as a surprise to learn that many members of Generation Z prefer to watch others play video games rather than engage in the hobby themselves. This is unmistakable evidence that the most watched streams on Twitch know how to keep their viewers engaged. More than just watching for entertainment value, many tune in for the analysis and banter.

The number of monthly broadcasters on Twitch has risen to almost 7.6 million.  Every month, viewers spend a total of 1,346 billion minutes watching content on Twitch. during any point in time, more than 1.1 million people watch Twitch, with approximately 4 million viewers during busiest moments.

Influencer Marketing Hub can provide you an approximation of the media value of any Twitch channel together with the anticipated cost of obtaining a sponsorship for that channel. These numbers take into account a wide range of information, but ultimately reveal the channel’s prominence on Twitch. The tools listed below are not affiliated with or approved by Twitch and should not be used as such. The Influencer Marketing Hub built this calculator to help marketers and broadcasters on Twitch figure out how much money they can make by collaborating. We’ve included our Twitch Money Calculator and an estimate of the top earners on Twitch down below.

Top Earning Twitch Hosts
The Media Value Estimator for Twitch Channels

Bring in (username) from Twitch!

Zero subscribers, zero total video views, zero dollars. The sum of the media’s projected worth is $0. Daily Video Views Median Value of Media/Video

Over 20,000 Pageviews Per Day

The Media Value Range Is Between $28.50 and $47.50
Value of the Median Monthly Home: $855 – $1,425
Value Projection: $10,403 – $17,338 Per Year
To what extent do Twitch streamers profit?
Twitch streamers’ revenue streams
More than $20M is annually generated by the top 10 Twitch broadcasters.
Bits and Applause for Recurring Subscription Income
Frequently Asked Questions About the Top Twitch Streamer’s Estimated Earnings from Ad Revenue, Winning Prize Money, and the Sale of Games and In-Game Items on Twitch
Twitch streamers’ revenue streams
The most common ways for broadcasters to earn money on Twitch were covered in our guide, How to Make Money on Twitch. Any Twitch streamer may potentially earn money from a number of different sources:

Donations Sell Affiliate Links for Customised Products
Prize Money from a Sponsored Tournament
While it’s true that each Twitch broadcaster has access to the aforementioned revenue streams, in practise you’ll need a sizable fan base or a high level of gaming expertise to really turn a profit.

If you’re serious about making money via Twitch, you should definitely at least complete the requirements to become an affiliate:

7 out of the previous 30 days with steam
Get three people watching your stream at once, on average.
Accumulate a minimum of 50 subscribers.
Twitch will extend an invitation to become an Affiliate if you satisfy these requirements. You’ll have a couple additional ways to make money after reading this:

Modified Bits
Paid Memberships on Twitch
Use their Twitch channel to peddle video games, virtual goods, and merch.
Twitch has an extra level it bestows its finest broadcasters – Twitch Partners. However, the Twitch Partnership programme is exclusive – invitation only. Twitch Partners, in addition to the aforementioned opportunities, may also:

Promote your products with video advertising.
That may not sound like a big deal, but there are numerous more perks to becoming a Twitch Partner besides the financial ones.

The Top 10 Twitch Streamers Make Over $20M Annually, According to Twitch (Source:

The greatest broadcasters may make a lot of money on Twitch. Influential among their gaming and watching audiences, several of the most popular Twitch broadcasters are also skilled professional e-sport players.

The five highest-earning broadcasters on Twitch reportedly earn more than $35 million annually.

It is crucial to understand they are not your stereotyped gaming bums that spend all day playing games and never get a job. Although they outwardly resemble the cliché, they are really astute businesspeople who have figured out how to make the most of their gaming skills.

Twitch broadcasters, however, aren’t limited to the gaming community. They perform for an audience. To an audience, the commentary and banter are more important than the players’ actual skill. You don’t have to win every game to be a great Twitch broadcaster. The fans visit to the Twitch channels for the entertainment experience. They also spend money on the things they like.

Earnings From Subscriptions
Partners and Affiliates on Twitch may share in the revenue generated by their channels’ subscription fees. One Sub Emote per subscriber may be provided by the affiliate for usage on the forum. To encourage viewers to subscribe at higher tiers, however, Twitch Partners have the ability to make available up to sixty Sub Emotes.

There are three subscription tiers available to viewers: $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99. At first, subscription revenue is shared 50/50 between the streamer and Twitch. However, large broadcasters often earn a larger share of the subscription money, sometimes up to 100%.

The most obvious benefit of subscriptions for streamers is the steady flow of money they bring in month after month. Until the subscriber actively cancels their membership, they will continue to receive their payment.

The best broadcasters may make far more than the average streamer, while the average streamer can make between $3,000 and $5,000 per month from their viewers.

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The Definitive 2024 Guide to Influencer Marketing
Happy and Sad News

For transactions on Twitch, users exchange bits. Subscribers to the channel may spend their Bits on a variety of emotes that can be used to cheer in the chats of their favourite streamers. Different types of animated emoji (Bit jewels and Cheermotes) are available and are each worth a different number of bits. The smallest of them is a grey Bit gem worth one bit, while the largest of these, a red Bit gem with a lot of moving parts, is worth ten thousand bits. Cheermotes are a little different since streamers often put their own spin on them. However, the way they function is essentially the same.

Whenever a fan uses a Bit gem or Cheermote, Twitch pays the broadcaster at the rate of one cent per Bit.

Affiliates on Twitch may now sell games and in-game stuff directly to customers, a feature that was previously only available to Twitch Partners. Affiliates and Partners alike are eligible to get a 5% cut of any sales made via their channel page.

When a user broadcasts a game that can be purchased on Twitch, a button to do so appears right below the video window on the channel page. The streamer receives 5% of the total purchase price whenever one of their viewers takes advantage of the offer.

Earnings From Ads
Ads on Twitch function in much the same manner as those on YouTube. Only Twitch Partners, however, will get a cut of the ad money. The adverts on Twitch earn around $231.8 million in income on average, making it incredibly profitable for individuals with millions of followers.

Pre-roll and display ads, as defined by the IAB, are available on Twitch. The CPM methodology is used to calculate how much broadcasters are compensated for every 1000 views.

Ad revenue has been declining as a result of many factors, including the use of ad blockers. However, streamers do frequently encourage their viewers to turn off Ad Block to aid them.

Depending on the time of year, the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) may range from $2 to $10. Advertisers often spend the most for commercial airtime in the months of June, October, November, and December.

Streamers have varying charges for advertisements. Each streamer’s fees and perks are outlined in a unique contract negotiated between them and Twitch. Due to the confidentiality provisions, it is impossible to determine how much money streamers get from advertisements.

Prize Money Received
Many of the broadcasters on Twitch are not only incredibly skilled gamers, but also provide interesting commentary that draws viewers in. Some of them compete in e-sports leagues on a professional level. The e-sports industry is massive, to the point that it has its own cable network.

In addition to the money they get from their Twitch feeds, these broadcasters may also make a lot of money by winning major video game tournaments.

While Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi’s 13.8K Twitch followers pale in comparison to those of the best streamers, who have millions of viewers, this is still a respectable amount. He probably doesn’t rake in a tonne of cash via standard Twitch monetization tactics. But as Team Liquid Dota 2’s captain and support player, he did very well in major tournaments. With a total of $4,097,926.95, he did have the most profits from e-Sports competitions. The 2017 victory at The International (TI7) contributed more than half ($2,172,536.60).

Over the last decade, KuroKy has won 37 events, finished second in 13 others, and reached the third place or semifinals in 18 more. He is widely regarded as one of the best Dota players of all time.

Top Twitch Streamer’s Expected Income
Nearly 18.5 million people have subscribed to Ninja’s (real name: Richard “Tyler”) Blevins’s Twitch channel. He is a player and streamer of the viral video game Fortnite.

How much money Ninja earns from Twitch sponsorships, advertising, and donations is estimated. According to their research, Ninja pulls in an estimated $5,417,447 annually.

$3,955,571 in subscriptions
Ad – $509,521
316 354 992 USD in Bitcoin donations.
Sponsorship Value: $600,000 on Average
YouTubers may expect an average salary of $36,000 per year.
It’s possible that these estimates of his income are too high. According to his Twitch statistics, he made “only” $19,577.10 in September 2018 via Bit Donations, and there were months where he made less than $10,000.

Just by playing video games and chatting with other players, Ninja is probably quite well off financially.

Questions & Answers
How can you monetize your Twitch channel?
Twitch broadcasters may generate money via a mix of affiliate links, selling customised products, contributions, sponsorship, and tournament prizes. All Twitch broadcasters have access to these options, but you need a sizable following or a high level of gaming expertise to turn a profit.

Please tell me the steps to take to join the Twitch Affiliate Programme.
How much money does the top Twitch streamer make?
Explain how Twitch’s subscription model generates income.
How can I calculate the possible earnings from media on Twitch?

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