Start A YouTube Channel: $2,300/Month

How can I get started as a YouTuber?

The term “YouTuber” refers to someone who has amassed a sizable fan base on the video-sharing website YouTube and has achieved modest levels of online celebrity.

These days, everyone and their brother wants to start a YouTube channel, but it’s really rather challenging. Most of the millennials are affected by existing YouTubers and vloggers but then comes the difficulty. Almost all YouTubers present an artificially upbeat image.

That is to say, they only highlight the upbeat and interesting aspects of their lives. We want to be YouTubers because we, too, want to live the way they do.

But if you look closely, you’ll be able to see where they came from. Except for a select handful that got early recognition via shoutouts and mentions, almost all popular YouTubers had a tough time getting started.

If you want to be a YouTuber just for the money and fame, you should give up on that desire immediately.

Here are the steps you need to do to become a YouTuber:

Just try a bunch of different things to start. You may upload material in a number of different categories, like TechVlog, Lifestyle, Review Video, etc., depending on what strikes your fancy.At initially, most of us specialize, or “go niche,” by creating just one form of material. However, many men I’ve seen try out a variety of strategies in the outset, then stick with the ones that prove most fruitful.If you want to be a Tech youtuber, for example, you don’t have to abandon your existing channel in favor of trying out content that is just tangentially linked to your main interest.
Keep in Mind: Put up new vids often. Don’t give up if the video doesn’t become viral. It’s easy to give up in the beginning since views take some time to accumulate, but you shouldn’t.
The adage “Content is King” should inspire you to think beyond the box. It’s a cliché for a reason: it really works. You need to come up with creative slants and pitches for your material. Please avoid copying the work of others. Instead of following the herd, try thinking outside the box to show off your skills.
Catch the Trend: This is where you can overcome Big Channels. You read it correctly. Fast expansion is possible if you keep an eye on the market and quickly publish movies on emerging trends.In December of 2016, a new app was released that was rather large but not very user friendly. That following day, after staying up late, I released a video tutorial explaining how to use the app. True or false? It was successful; the video gained some virality, and my channel traffic increased dramatically on December 31.For a day or two, you will definitely gain some organic traffic, but in the long term, you can lose the views game with the top youtubers.
Now you may be already understanding these topics so let me dig a little deep.

After your videos begin to attract an audience, you may expand your channel by doing the following steps:

Upload movies that are no more than 15–20 minutes in length. People have a tendency to over-explain things, therefore tutorials and explainers tend to be lengthy and, as a result, seldom get many views. Majority of visitors on youtube wants instant information. They’re only looking for some groundwork. So upload brief and to the point. Launch a course on Udemy, Teachable, or even YouTube (but on a distinct channel) and link to it in the video’s description if you want to go into depth. By the way, I have offered a new income stream in which you may use YouTube to direct people to your in-depth course and so increase your earnings. This is something that many of them do.

Be Honest: Never steal money from your customers. Never post anything that might mislead others. While posting material that is both popular and false may increase your page views in the short term, it will never help you build a loyal following. Heck even you may be suspended. So, always act morally.

I realize this seems to go against everything I just said, but I assure you it does not. Sometimes you have to resort to click bait thumbnails to bring in new viewers and subscribers to your channel. When I say “be creative,” I don’t mean you have to post intentionally deceptive thumbnails. Create a headline and image that grabs attention while still being relevant to the topic you’re sharing. Thus, you won’t compromise your morals. Here’s a case in point: You’ve probably seen individuals posting videos with fire emojis and photos of cash in the thumbnail, discussing how they made money from different sources. In a nutshell, you just made a clickbait.

Take part in social media by establishing profiles ahead of time and using names that are similar to your channel’s.In this manner, you’ll be easy to locate. Prompt your social media followers to send you a note. You’ll be able to help them out and maybe even attract some new fans in the process. Always keep your options open; if one platform disappears, for example, all your hard work will have been for nothing.

Maintain an active presence in the Youtube comments area in addition to your other social media sites. Interact with them by answering their questions. It does double duty by improving your interaction with your audience and driving up channel engagement.Don’t ignore them; respond to each and every one, even if it’s simply to say hello. You must have seen YouTube commenters stick their own opinion to the top. The goal is, of course, to increase the amount of interaction with the video by encouraging the audience to participate.

Prepare to feel like in Hell: Once channel begins to expand , haters will soon emerge. They will attempt to break your will and lower your self-esteem, but you must not give up. Always look for the positive in criticism and disregard the negative.

Make sure your topic is regulated and that spam comments are filtered out often. Delete any and all offensive language from the user comments. Maintaining a clean channel, and by extension, a clean community, is your responsibility. YouTube released a new update recently in which they acknowledged the problem and strongly suggested that artists limit their comments.
Be Complacent: Let’s imagine you have started receiving a lot of views , you have begun selling your material and you have started making money . But remember that being grounded is essential at all times. Don’t ever feel that you’ve made it to the pinnacle of success because you’ve done something special that no one else has. Keep in mind that you are your own toughest competitor at all times. Always strive to improve upon your prior work.
Beyond this, there are many more considerations that might aid in your expansion, such as search engine optimization (SEO), tags, and so on. But these are the fundamentals you must observe if you want to become a successful YouTuber and have a positive impact on the world.

Remember that money 💰 you receive from youtube is merely a by product of the value you provide to the community.

The world will begin to hustle after you if you just keep at it and do your best, so #KeepHustling.

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